JL Industries

JL Industries is the parent company of Steel Valley Lifts. Bringing experience in the manufacturing and energy sectors, JL aimed to take the former Backyard Buddy, and streamline how lifts are assembled without losing the quality and customer service that Backyard Buddy is known for. Steel Valley Lifts has added more lifts and options to the Backyard Buddy line than ever before.

JL Industries aims to provide the complete garage solution.

Steel Valley Lifts
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On behalf of Steel Valley Lifts, we want our customers to know that we have taken all concerns over the Coronavirus very seriously. Our workforce of dedicated American steel workers and machinists are back to work and building America’s best lifts in our Ohio-based manufacturing headquarters. Our team is strong. Our sales associates and service team are available take your orders and questions. We thank you for your support. We will lift and rise above the rest!