7000 Compact Lift

$5,595.00 $4,595.00

When you purchase this lift, you also get:

  • 36″ Lightweight Composite Race Ramps
  • Drip Pans
  • 110V Power Unit

Please allow a 7-9 week lead / development time on this lift.

84 inches under the platform

Steel Valley Lifts offers a special 7000 lb. Series Compact lift with an extra tall 84″ underneath the deck. This special application lift accepts all the standard Steel Valley Lifts accessories. Double pulley lifting system to achieve extra lifting height without adding length to the runways. You must have extra ceiling clearance for this extended height lift.


Overall length: 168″ (outside of corner posts)
Overall height: 104″ (floor to top of corner posts)
Overall width: 108.5″ (outside of corner posts)
Outside to outside of ramps: 78.25″, ramp width: 19.25″
Maximum clearance under ramp: 84″

Additional information

Weight 1800 lbs
Dimensions 156 × 27 × 29 in